Bitcoin Transaction Volume Brazil Surpasses Gold

Bitcoins market in Brazil is experiencing unprecedented growth, so much so that the volume of transactions in the cryptocurrency has exceeded the volume of transactions in the sale of gold in the first six months of 2016. The statistics portal bitValor show that during the first half of the year the volume of trade with […]

Blockchain Revolutionize Banking Provides Executive Deutsche Bank

This 2016 is the first year in which investment in blockchain exceeded one billion dollars. According to the World Economic Forum 2019 more than 400 million will be invested in blockchain and 2027, more than 10% of global GDP will be registered in blockchain. Edward Budd on that data, digital affairs manager Deutsche Bank to […]

40 Smart Ethereum Contracts Vulnerable

A report prepared by various scholars from the National University of Singapore exposed vulnerabilities in smart contracts that exist ethereum platform. The document specifies that such problems are found in the semantics of the programming language used. Doctoral students and teachers who prepared the report , developed a tool to identify potential security bugs in […]

Bitcoin Halving Hours Explain Need Know Event

Halving is scheduled Bitcoin protocol that reduces by half the reward received miners by adding a new block to the main chain event. This happens every 210,000 mined blocks (approximately every four years), as established by Satoshi Nakamoto, and it happened the first time in 2012. The second time the Halving will happen this year, […]