Find The Best Upcoming ICO

Demand for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology seems to be rising by the minute. Countless startups have started to spring up across the board offering their own take on tokens and cryptocoins. These crowdfunding ventures are risky, without a doubt, but a number of successful pre-sales have already shown that there is a lot of potential in these kinds of startups.

Since there are so many of those companies, all setting out to revolutionize the world and economy as we know it, making an informed decision about each one becomes progressively harder. In order to avoid unnecessary headaches and financial losses, prior research is essential. Since blockchain technology is as transparent as it can get, all factual information about Initial Coin Offerings should be made public and easy to find as well.

That’s where our service comes in.

ICO Checker is a convenient platform that lists live and upcoming token pre-sales. We put all noteworthy details front and center for easy viewing and analysis. You will find much more than a simple countdown on our website. We evaluate new platforms and take investment opportunities, risks, relevant dates and associated details into account for our reviews. We use objective metrics and observations in our review and rating procedures; each startup goes through a rigorous screening process before appearing in our upcoming ICO listings.

Outside of ranking emerging blockchains, we’re also offering a rundown of news surrounding blockchain technology and emerging crowdfunding campaigns as well as price charts for cryptocurrencies. We’ll keep you posted on all current events, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to use the search functionality.

If you’re an investor, a tech geek, or merely passing by, you’ll undoubtedly find useful information at ICO Checker, the leading hub on the present and future of blockchains and digital currencies.